Artwork Specifications

Artwork Spec:
We accept electronic art by Email or FTP.  Please send your artwork with a PDF colour proof and specify any special colours by Pantone reference. We can accept vector files in the following PC formats:

  • CorelDraw 
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Windows WMF
  • Extractable EPS from Adobe PDF

Please note that are also capable of preparing your artwork free of charge from a high resolution raster/pixel image. Formats accepted include:

  • Photoshop PSD
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • CGM
  • PCX

Please enquire if you are not sure – we are happy to help!

If you wish to use one of our existing designs and require outline reference, we can E-mail you a vector template* to allow you to complete your design.

Design Services:
Creative design is our forte and we do not charge for it if you place your order with us. Contact our design team with what you require and we will happily create bespoke designs for you. Should you not choose to order from us, our designs will be handed over to you and invoiced at a rate of £45.00 per hour for studio production time.

In most cases our customers are happy with pre-production visual image. This will give you an accurate representation of the finished article. Actual physical samples available at £45.00 + origination or bespoke cutter charges. (Charges are deducted from order invoice).

Special Notes referring to print onto foam material:
Printing onto open-cell PU foam limits the clarity of print. All submitted artwork must meet the following criteria:
• Print finish should be no closer than 8mm to edge of foam item.
• We strongly advise use of block or sans serif fonts and against use of script or thin serif font styles.
• Text size should be no smaller than 20 point. We can advise on this upon receipt of your images. Remember, bigger is always better!
• Print colours should always be contrasting to foam colours for maximum legibility.

Screen Origination charges:
Standard origination and film production offered at £40.00 per colour per position.

Ink changes:
Mid-print run colour change = £30 per colour

Bespoke cutter tooling:
One off cost of between £60 & £150 subject to sight of design. Tooling remains on stock for 24 months minimum.

Less than Minimums:
Not all promotions require 250+ items and we appreciate this. We will happily undertake smaller orders but a small order surcharge will apply. Surcharge is subject to required volume.

Order changes:
We are happy to accommodate changes to increased volumes, foam colour(s), print colour(s), shipping address etc. but this is subject to receipt prior to production run. All changes must be submitted in writing, preferably by E-mail with read receipt request. Note: Lowering order volumes will alter unit price.

Overruns & Under runs:
We reserve the right to over-ship or under-ship 3%

Factory premises, Lancashire

Terms & Conditions of Sale:
Available online at

VAT, split delivery or any special delivery instructions

Our foam hand products use a polyurethane foam material, which is, in part, oil polymer based. As such our raw material pricing is sensitive to fluctuations in the crude oil market. Our price list is updated often to reflect changes in this rate and where possible, we pass on any material savings. Therefore we always recommend that you regularly request an updated price list from us. Promofoam reserves the right to make changes to our published prices at any time.

* All promofoam designs remain the copyright property of Mark SG Enterprises Ltd and cannot be used in any format without our consent.