Why Choose Promofoam

18 years in this business and still growing!

Promofoam is a leading manufacturer of foam merchandise and promotional print padding items. An international portfolio of clients are testimony to our product and service quality. Wherever possible, we endeavour to offer customers a market leading price but not a the sacrifice of quality. Our clients understand the price/quality balance we adhere to so if you find a better price, then talk to us first - there will be simple reason for it. 

If you are thinking about using foam hands or fingers for some attention-grabbing exposure, here are a few things to consider:

1). Our "standard" size pointing finger is 56cm: the original "Gladiators" size. We also offer an Economy (or Junior) version at 46cm long. There is a substantial difference and our experience is that the junior one looks a little too small on an adult hand! Competitors work the other way and state that the smaller one is standard and the larger size is a "Jumbo" hand. We feel that our approach is a little more honest.

2). Our quotations are submitted ‘subject to’ sight of final artwork – excessive ink coverage will incur additional cost. We work off a maximum 25% ink coverage for quotation purposes.

3). Unlike imported foam materials, our foam is fabricated right here in the UK. It is made to a high standard and exceeds critical standards including EN71 and Ignition Fire Safety. Very important if you are promoting to children or if foam hands are for end use in stadia / public venues. Imports carry risk. Also cheaper foams can be very floppy and easily tear.  

Our inks use a special additive to pass all fire safety tests. We are very knowledgeable on this topic and have seen situations where promoters have come unstuck using alternative products sourced elsewhere / from Asia!

4). As part of our business service, we offer a comprehensive design service - if our templates are not suitable we can create a shape that fits your requirement. Please also note that we will produce a detailed pre-production visual for you prior to running your order on the print-line so you can get an exact idea of what your proposed design will look like. All design work that we create is provided free-of-charge however it remains our copyright and cannot be used by any other party without our prior written consent. 

5). Environmental Concerns?. You and your clients may well have environmental concerns. This is something we take seriously. We are the only UK based promotional foam product company who has an agreement in place with our raw material manufacturer to accept back 100% of our unused off-cuts. This is down to the fact that we are located very close to the plant and have negotiated a special arrangement. These off cuts are recycled into other foam products like School gym mats.

6). Delivery times. Under pressure? Need something quick? Well our current record is 10,000 foam hands delivered in just 48 hours! Generally, even during our busiest times, your order can be produced and delivered within 1 to 2 weeks.

7). Please refer to our "client list" page for a selection of Blue Chip businesses that regularly choose Promofoam production services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or require samples.