Rugby Pitch Foam Branding Kits

Overview: We manufacture a comprehensive range of rugby ground equipment products which can be purchased either as individual items or as a full set.


Precision-made using solvent-ink-printed, heavy duty PVC materials at very competitive prices.   Suitable for amateur and professional application. Our foam cores exceed IRB safety specifications.


A recent addition to our foam print and conversion facility has been an in-house textile assembly line allowing us to fully manufacture these items without the need for any outsourcing. This helps us curtail costs, manage the entire production process and offer the fastest possible delivery schedules.


It’s important to note that we do not compromise on cheaper materials, print production and assembly methods. Our products are built to last and our printers use the latest technology inks to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.  


A fundamental part of our service is to offer customers a design service with pre-production visuals before entering into production. This is offered free-of-charge as we feel it is a vital part of the process so why not take advantage! 


If you need further information from us, please feel free to ask. We offer the following product range:

Product ID: pfu1005
Product ID: pfu1006
Product ID: pfu1008